Tourist Attractions

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad, at 2,100 metres (6,900 ft) above sea level. Chembra is located near the town of Meppady and is 8 km south of Kalpetta. It is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in Western Ghats, adjoining the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala in Kozhikode district in Kerala. Chembra Peak is accessible by foot from Meppady.

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala An interesting 2 km jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad - Meenmutty Waterfalls. A unique feature of Meenmutty waterfalls is that the water drops from nearly 1000 ft over three stages, presenting a triple-decker effect. The falls is located on the Ooty main road in Wayanad.


Pakshipathalam Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Pakshipathalam in Wayanad district of Kerala, is located 7 km northeast of Thirunelli , which is about 32 km from Mananthavady, and about 66 km from Kalpetta. It is situated at an altitude of 1740m above sea level.

The very name of the place refers to the richness of birdlife here. Here virgin forests, rivulets and steep hills together offer challenging avenues for trekking. A cave which rishis (saints) are believed to have used for meditation in ancient times, has become a major attraction for tourists.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Kuruva Islands are surrounded by streams and can travel through the rivers by using the boats provided by the Kerala Tourism Department. It will take around three hours to cover each island. Entry to this island is restricted by the Forest department and a pass is mandatory during rainy seasons and the frequencies of animals are higher.

This island "Kuruva Dweep" is 15kms away from Mananthavady, 58kms from SulthanBathery and 40kms from Kalpetta. Frequent bus services are available from Manathavady to visit this tourist place of Kuruva Islands.


Uravu Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Uravu is a non-profit organisation at Thrikkaipetta village, about 10 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad. It is a wing of the State Bamboo mission formed under the Department of Industries. Uravu makes use of the indigenous sciences and technology for the upliftment of the tribes in the area and it runs a successful bamboo crafts design and production centre along with a bamboo nursery.

Santinental Water Falls

Santinental Water Falls Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, also known locally as Soochipara, is 23 km away from Kalpetta, located at Vellarimala village in Meppadi panchayat.

The Sentinel Rock is also ideal for rock climbing. It is a spectacular waterfall where the water cascades down in three steps from a height of about 200 m in Vellarimala, Wayanad, surrounded by deciduous, wet evergreen and tropical Shola forests. Locally referred to as Soochipara 'Soochi' meaning 'Needle' and 'Para' meaning 'Rock', The 15-20 minute drive from Meppadi to Sentinel Rock Waterfalls offers scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad.

Sunrise Valley

Sunrise Valley Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala From here one can see the Meenmuty waterfalls, then another waterfalls in Attamala. The Chaliyar in which both these falls unite can also be seen. It is situated in Kadassery in Muppainad Panchayath. In Meppadi-Vaduvanchal road go for 4 kms from Kadassery, there is the valley.

Chain Tree

Chain Tree Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala This Chain tree is located near Vythiri and is 15 kms from Kalpetta. This is a large Ficus tree bounded by a long chain.

Ficus tree is the official tree of Thailand. Under natural conditions this tree will grow upto 98 feet. It has swinging branches, silky leaves and small fruit. This small fruit is a favourite food for many birds

Pookkode Lake

Pookkode Lake Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Pookode is a natural fresh water lake nestling amid evergreen forests and mountain slopes at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level and having an area of 13 acre and 40 meter deep. It is 15 km away from Kalpetta.

The lake has the shape of India's map. This perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, is only one of its kinds in Kerala. The lake has abundance of blue lotus and fresh water fishes. The forests surrounding the lake hold many wild animals, birds and flies.

Banasurasagar Dam and Reservoir

Banasurasagar Dam Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia and an ideal starting point for hikes into the surrounding scenic mountains.

The Banasura Sagar Dam is located 21 km from Kalpetta, in Wayanad District of Kerala in the Western Ghats. In the dam's reservoir there is a set of islands that were formed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas. The islands with the Banasura hills in the background provide a spectacular view. The dam is made up of massive stacks of stones and boulders. It is an important tourist attraction.

Karlad Lake

Karlad Lake Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Karalad Lake in Wayanad spreads over 7 acres on the way to Banasura Sagar Dam, with a deviation of 01 Km from the main road. There is option for boating and the place is not very crowded. The destination Can be combined with Banasura Sagar Dam. There are good resorts near Karalad lake such as Wayanad Silver Woods, Banasura Island Retreat, Sharoy Resort, Seagot Banasura, Juggu Island Resort etc.

Karapuzha Dam

Karapuzha Dam Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Karapuzha Dam is considered to be one of the biggest earth dams in India, which has been constructed on the Karapuzha River. It is an ideal place for watching aquatic birds that frequent the reservoir, which is surrounded by partially submerged hills and green islands. This dam can be visited throughout the day except dawn as the visibility is poor.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast.

Elephants roam freely here and tigers are sighted occasionally. Various species of deer, monkeys, birds etc also live here.

Tholpetty Wildlife Santuary

Tholpetty Wildlife Santuary Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary or Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad, Kerala, has a wide variety of animals. Visitors are restricted to the outer tourist zone. The sanctuary is located 20 km east of Mananthavady, 13 km from Thirunelly on the Kodagu Road.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala The Edakkal Cave is located about 25km from Kalpetta is a 96ft long, 22ft wide and 30ft high cleft formed by the vertical split of a rocky mountain. The rock wall is etched with carvings depicting human and animal figures and objects of human use. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of pre-historic age, and have drawn the serious attention of archaeologists and historians worldwide.

Pazhassiraja’s Tomb.

Pazhassiraja’s Tomb Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala The Lion of Kerala, Pazhassi Raja was gun downed by the British ina ferocious encounter that took place at Mavilanthode. Pazhassi Raja, heir of Kottayam royal family, was one among the pioneers in revolt against the East India Company.

Pazhassi Tomb is in Mananthavady town near the Government hospital. It may be about 1 km from the town centre. Manandavady is in North Wayanad and accessible by road only. The nearest airport at Kozhikode is about 132 kms from here. Kalpetta is 32 kms and Sulthan Batheri is 37 kms from the monument.

Tirunelly Temple.

Tirunelly Temple Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Thirunelli is Located in north Wayanad, 34-km away from Mananthavady.thirunelli1it is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu on the side of Brahmagiri hill in Kerala.Classical Kerala temple architecture. Inscriptions in this temple date back to the period of Bhaskara Ravi Varma I (962–1019 CE). God-blessed setting all around. The only remaining attraction is the footsteps of Vishnu, Vishnupad.

Its enthralling and scenic beauty once imbibed can never be erased from the mind. Papanashini (sin’s destroyer): There is an interesting tale behind the stream attaining the power to ward off sins A short walk from Thirunelli temple is the clear mountain spring known as Papanasini. A ritual dip here is believed to wash one away of all worldly sins. Thirunelli, known as Southern Kasi, is 30 km from Mananthawadi in Wayanad district, Kerala. Its main attraction is the famous temple of Lord Vishnu.thirunelli The temple is located on to of a hill that is surrounded by mountain ranges all around.

Wayanad Heritage Museum.

Wayanad Heritage Museum Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Wayanad Heritage museum is situated at Ambalavayal, about 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. It is one of the largest and best archaeological museums in Kerala

There are many places in Wayanad which have great archaeological and anthropological relevance. Edakkal Caves is one of them and during the1980s there were large scale research and preservation attempts of these caves. The anthropologists who were engaged in this task collected innumerable artefacts from the district, mainly from places like Ambalavayal, Sultan Bathery and the forests of Wayanad.

Jain Temple.

Jain Temple Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Jain temple Wayanad is located near Sulthan Bathery. It is also known by the name Ananthanatha swami temple. This Jain temple Wayanad is dedicated to the great Jain saint by name Ananthanatha swami.

Ananthanatha swami temple is located near Kalpetta at a distance of six Km from Kalpetta. This Jain temple Wayanad is generally referred to as Tippu’s fort because King Tippusultan stored his ammunition in this fort during his reign.. Another name given to this Jain temple is Sultan’s battery.

Neelimala View Point.

Neelimala View Point Near Hacienda Service Villa in Wayanad, Kerala Neelimala viewpoint is one of the major tourist attractions in the scenic Wayanad. One and half hour journey from Kalpatta you would reach Neelima passing the coffee plantations on both sides of the route Neelimala, adjacent to Vaduvanchal. It is an exceptional venue for trekking and camping and offers lots of exciting trails. From the Neelimala pinnacle you can enjoy an enthralling view of the cascading Meenmutty falls and the gorgeous valley in its forefront. Remember to move carefully since there are pits and slippery rocks.